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Manage Your Daily Plastic Waste Using Our GreenTech Solution​

Why Do We Need New Green Technology for Plastic Waste Treatment?

Plastic Waste

Yearly, we produce more than 300 million tons of plastic products. Nearly 50% of this is discarded after the first use. Current plastic recycling methods do not match the needs of the industry.

Landfill Depletion

To date, landfilling is still the most popular avenue for plastic waste disposal. However, the number of active landfill sites are depleting rapidly. This option will soon become unviable. 

Environmental Damage

Plastic waste in landfill can take up to 1000 years to degrade, while contaminating our soil and water. Incineration results in GHG emission and destroys the value in recycling.

Green Technology

To solve this global crisis, Innovative GreenTech solutions are the way forward. By empowering waste management players, a balanced plastic industry eco-cycle can be achieved. 

About us

Taraph Technologies is a Greentech startup founded in Singapore with the aim to remove all plastic waste by 2050.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet challenging – Zero Plastic Waste.

Our offers

  • Waste Management Diagnosis
  • Waste Management Consultancy
  • GreenTech Solution

Why Biodegradation?

To Create Sustainable Plastic Recycling


Current opportunities for plastic recycling is limited. 

Melting and remolding of plastic has limited reusability while mechanical compression of plastic into structural building blocks has only one application. 

At Taraph Technologies, we aim to provide a GreenTech solution to recycle plastic waste infinitely. 

Our Belief

Our world is at the tipping point where alternative solutions for plastic waste management are a must-have instead of a good-to-have strategy. In the absence of an efficient waste collection and segregation system for plastic waste, innovation efforts towards plastic biodegradation will be the critical step for a sustainable zero-plastic waste future. This is a crisis for our generation and Taraph Technologies would like to do our part in taking on this global challenge.

Zero Plastic Pilot Test Initiative

We are actively looking for academic and industry partners to testbed our product. Kindly drop us a note below if you are interested to find out more!

News Release

3rd June 2019

Taraph Technologies has signed an agreement with Ngee Ann Polytechnic Global to house the development and testing of Taraph’s prototype. 

28th May 2019

A big welcome to Associate Professor Bernard Loo from the Singapore Institute of Technology. He will be providing strategic advice and counsel on company scientific matters. 

3rd May 2019

  • After 6 weeks of exploration of an alternative GreenTech Solution for plastic waste management, Taraph Technologies received the positive news of pre-seed funding from the investment committee of Entrepreneur First. 

23rd April 2019

  • Taraph Technologies and Impetus Conceptus signed an MoU purchase agreement for the GreenTech solution. We are thrilled to receive this affirmation of our technology, and are committed to deliver the solution. 

8th April 2019

  • Taraph Technologies received overwhelming responses from various markets in Asia Pacific (e.g. Indonesia, Singapore and China). Thank you Ms Nina Van Toulon for promoting our collaboration outreach at the IWP social platform.

24th March 2019

  • With the passion and desire to make our Earth a cleaner place, the startup idea was born. The aim is to drive value into the waste management industry by applying a unique bioprocessing technique.

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